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Zachary Matthews
Head of BD @ Metropolis

I've worked alongside Rachel for nearly 3 years, and throughout that time I have been consistently impressed with her ability to lead impactful initiatives for Uber and deliver meaningful results to our business. She is undeniably talented in establishing, developing, and strengthening internal and external relationships and then bringing various stakeholders together and driving cross-functional collaboration. From her earlier days running partnerships for the US & Canada to heading up the execution of our larger brand strategy across North American markets, Rachel has developed deep expertise across multiple disciplines and has consistently raised the bar on defining what we should be doing and how we should go about doing it. In every project I've seen Rachel lead, she sets the vision clearly, communicates expectations concisely, and empowers her teams to execute what's at hand.


Cait Pappas
Founder of Nest Out West

During the few quick months I've known Rachel, I have seen firsthand the power of a positive attitude and a friendly smile. During the time we've been emailing and chatting over the phone and on Zoom, I've felt like she's become more than just a colleague; she's become a friend. Rachel approaches every conversation from a place of "How can we help each other?" as opposed to the typical "How can you help me?" mentality. She is intuitive and has an innate ability to read others' vibes in a way I have not often seen in work partnerships. Rachel is calm, professional, friendly, down-to-earth, and maintains each relationship as though it were her most important one. I know Rachel will do great things in her career, and any team that cares about people and relationships would be fortunate to have her.


Libby Walker
Content @ Graduate Hotels

Rachel's project trackers are works of art. We collaborated on many projects while at Graduate Hotels, and I was always in awe of how she so masterfully managed details large and small. Under her leadership, each team member clearly understood what they were accountable for. And even when she was juggling multiple hotel openings and simultaneous nationwide activations, Rachel always took time to check in on everyone, perking us up with a hand-written note or midday doughnut. Any team would be lucky to have her.

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Megan Bruneau
Therapist, Executive Coach, Forbes Contributor, Podcast Host

It was such a pleasure working with Rachel. She has a powerful combination of high emotional intelligence and self-awareness, alongside unparalleled experience and motivation. I had the honor of occupying a front seat to Rachel's passion and lived experience regarding mental health and wellbeing, and I look forward to welcoming someone of her value to these profoundly impactful industries.

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Jen Nelson
Marketing Director @ Chi Art Institute

I’ve yet to meet anyone as organized and efficient as Rachel. Having worked with Rachel in an extremely fast-paced environment, I can say that she was the only member of the team to always have her projects turned around on time, every time despite the obstacles. Her time management skills and attention to detail are something to aspire too. I have also been particularly impressed with Rachel’s level of professionalism balanced with congeniality which is such an asset when it comes to bringing on new partners and maintaining client relationships. As a colleague or team lead, Rachel is an unbeatable asset.


Emily Holman
VP, Marketing @ Cameo

I've worked with Rachel for almost a decade but most recently at Cameo in her role as a contractor. In her year here she was absolutely invaluable to the growth of our organization. It is rare to find an impeccable strategic leader who also executes flawlessly, and Rachel is one of those people. She is a utility player that can flex from building strategic campaigns to leading partnerships with high-profile clients, and managing large cross-functional teams, holding them accountable to deadlines - all with the output of driving business impact and results. I saw this come to life in her management of our Can't Cancel Pride campaign in partnership with iHeart media, leading our holiday customer campaigns and her employer brand work at Cameo. Any company would be extremely lucky to work with Rachel and I hope to work with her again very soon!

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