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Capabilities: ​

  • Spearhead Holistic Local, National and Global Marketing Campaigns: From Inception and Conceptualization to Go-to-Market, Creative Development, Execution, and Thorough Analysis

  • Manage Dialogues and Collaborative Negotiations with Partners to Elevate Campaign and Go-to-Market Strategies

  • Collaborate in Crafting OmniChannel Plans for Social, Paid Ads, Email, SMS, Merchandising, Public Relations, Etc.

  • Orchestrate Seamless Cross-Functional Team Coordination, Ensuring Responsibility and Ownership Across Functions 

  • Host Retrospectives

  • Create Scalable Playbooks to Execute Against a Centralized Marketing Strategy

 Holiday 2020


Integrated Marketing Consultant

To drive GMV and brand awareness during the holidays, we activated a series of campaigns such as flash sales and price drops, sweepstakes for frontline workers, fundraising partnerships with (RED) and St Jude Children's Hospital, and expedited delivery.

I led each campaign tactic from strategy through creative development and execution and managed the project plan and deliverables associated with product, CRM, social, legal, PR, and talent relations teams.

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Uber Pride 2018


Marketing Program Manager, II

To celebrate Pride, we launched a global content campaign featuring employees and driver-partners and worked alongside field marketing teams to execute parades and activations across 25 major cities.

I worked alongside creative, product, operations, communications, legal, and procurement teams to bring this campaign to life globally.

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Reasons to Ride | MADD


Marketing Program Manager, II

Uber partnered with MADD to remind customers that just because you drove to the party, doesn’t mean you need to drive home.


In partnership with an in-house creative team, I project-managed the production of a 60-second spot called "Reasons to Ride" to bring awareness to drunk driving before the holiday season.



Uber Ice Cream


Marketing Program Manager, II

Uber partnered with McDonald's to surprise and delight customers with ice cream delivered straight to their door.

I worked alongside creative, operations, communications, legal, and procurement teams both on Uber Rides and Uber Eats teams to bring this campaign to life.

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