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Capabilities: ​


  • Craft and Implement Marketing Strategies for Key Seasons, Philanthropic Ventures, Social Impact Initiatives, Immersive Engagements, Employer Branding, and Strategic Alliances

  • Shape Resonant Narratives and Tactics that Breathe Life into Corporate Missions and Values

  • Collaborate on Content Generation and Oversight Across Platforms: Websites, Paid Campaigns, Internal Updates, Press, and Social Media

  • Safeguard and Enforce Brand Consistency Guidelines

  • Monitor Competitive Landscape, Regional Trends, Shifting Cultures, and Consumer Sentiments

  • Employ Qualitative and Quantitative Metrics to Continuously Gauge, Assess, and Refine Strategies

Time Off is Time On Employee Campaign


Employer Brand Consultant

To celebrate company-wide time off, Cameo launched a "Time Off is Time On" campaign to encourage employees to rest and recharge in 2022 by spending time on with people and things they love.


This campaign allowed for content collection and storytelling to showcase Cameo's unique culture.


The campaign consisted of agency management, concept development, internal communications strategy, talent integrations, a digital landing page build, and virtual employee programming.

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Cameo Careers Page


Integrated Marketing Consultant

I led the strategy, wireframing, and project management to create Cameo's new Careers page which included aspects such as: 

  • The creation of an employer brand tagline

  • Custom illustrations

  • Copywriting

  • Employee Testimonials 

  • Stakeholder management of executives, legal, creative studio, etc.

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 Pride 2021


Integrated Marketing Consultant

I project managed our 2021 Pride efforts which included partnerships with iHeartRadio + P&Gs Can't Cancel Pride and Marc Jacob's PERFECT fragrance. 

Through both initiatives, over $100k was donated to various LGBTQ+ organizations, notable talent such as Lil Nas X, Kim Petras, and the Pentatonix were on Cameo for a limited time, and 9 pieces of earned media coverage reaching an audience of 76M+ were accomplished. 

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