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Hi Y'all

Let's partner together to create work that aligns with your mission, values, and brand marketing objectives through:


// Strategic Partnerships

// Brand Strategy

// Integrated Campaign Management

// Creative Programming and Events

Rachel is a seasoned brand marketer with diverse experience in technology marketplaces, hospitality, health and wellness, and sustainability industries.


She is respected as a natural collaborator, strong brand advocate, and creative strategist, and focuses on supporting her clients through brand marketing partnerships and integrated marketing program management. As a consultant, she is most interested in working with clients striving to make social impact and prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion.


She previously led partnerships and programming for Graduate Hotels, and spent 4+ years at Uber, wearing a variety of different hats across field marketing, business development, event operations and global program management functions. Her recent consulting clients include Cameo,, Project Healthy Minds, Summer Health, and joni Period Care. 


Born and raised in Texas

Celebrating 7 years in Chicago

Mom to two rescue pups, Biggie & Bella

Lover of a good Sunday Farmers Market

True Crime, need I say more? #SSDGM

Prioritizing my mental health and wellness

Vegan-ish, but love a good camembert + chardonnay duo

Favorite drive in the world: Icefields Parkway in Alberta, Canada

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