Hi Y'all

Let's partner together to create great work that aligns with your mission, values and brand marketing objectives through:


// Strategic Partnerships

// Brand Strategy

// Integrated Campaign Management

// Creative Programming and Events

I'm a seasoned brand marketer with expertise in strategic partnerships and project management, a highly creative problem solver with organizational superpowers, a fierce negotiation style, and a lifelong learner with a passion for mentorship. 

My career in marketing started during my first internship writing content for Kendra Scott in exchange for jewelry, and my real attraction to this world of brand marketing ignited during my early Uber days, passing out t-shirts when customers signed up for a free first ride.


Within a year of spearheading local marketing strategy for Uber in Austin, I moved to Chicago to work on brand partnerships and campaigns for riders and drivers globally. Since leaving Uber in 2019, I've worked in the real estate and hospitality industry, nonprofit sector, recruiting, and social tech spaces, all while pursuing passion projects centered around wellness and travel.


I am the founder of my own brand marketing consultancy and work with brands and businesses focused on driving positive contributions to the world. My expertise sits at the intersection of social impact, culture, creators, entertainment, and wellness.


Born and raised in Texas

Celebrating 7 years in Chicago

Mom to two rescue pups, Biggie & Bella

Lover of a good Sunday Farmers Market

True Crime, need I say more? #SSDGM

Prioritizing my mental health and wellness

Vegan-ish, but love a good camembert + chardonnay duo

Favorite drive in the world: Icefields Parkway in Alberta, Canada